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Intake Forms Location Testimonials Contact December 1, 2013 Dear Patients: It is with heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be closing SW Liposculpture at the end of the year, 12/31/2013 to pursue an opportunity in California. It has been a great pleasure providing for your...
Screening Ultrasound --> ADS --> News LOCATION CONTACT US LEGG & FEET Vein Procedures Cooltouch CTEV Support Stockings --> BODY TREATMENTS CoolLipo Liposculpture Hair Removal --> Subscribe for Newsletter Free --> --> Subscribe to Free Newsletter --> Vein Center at Erasers   In today's harsh...
Home/About The Doctor Liposculpture Fillers / Lips Minilift contact us David C. Hansen, M.D. 9201 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 612 Beverly Hills, CA 90069 Ph. (310) 273-8006 See Liposuction at Its Best Fill out the form below if you would like to contact our office for more information about our...
-->   Buttocks Fat Transfer and Liposculpture Liposculpture and Buttocks Fat Transfer Appointment   Buttocks Fat Transfer & Tummy Tuck Buttocks Fat Transfer & Tummy Tuck Appointment Liposculpture (Tumescent Liposuction) Appointment Call NOW 954-384-2900 *Valid until 7-31-2014 - Not...
  Lipo sculpture and Buttocks Fat Transfer Liposculpture $2,390 2 areas Patient Weight 100 to 160 lbs Bra Rolls, Love Handles, Lower Tummy or Upper Tummy Buttocks Fat Transfer $1,200 SPECIAL Patient Weight 100 to 160 lbs 20% OFF Carboxytherapy When buy 10 sessions. Post-Surgical Massage...
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